Strapping Tapes PP, PET

Strapping PP (polypropylene) tapes are flexible strips made from polypropylene, widely used across various industries and in everyday life. They are primarily used for packaging a variety of products, both light and heavy, providing durable and secure protection during transportation and storage. Additionally, PP tapes are employed for thermal insulation in construction and for various industrial applications such as binding, fastening, and protecting against mechanical damage. Their main advantages include lightweight, high tensile strength, and resistance to moisture, making them an extremely versatile and popular product in many sectors.

Strapping PET (polyester) tapes are flexible strips made from polyethylene terephthalate, primarily used in the packaging industry and for various technical applications. They are characterized by high tensile and tear strength, making them ideal for securing, packaging, and protecting products during transportation. PET tapes are also resistant to chemicals and moisture, making them suitable for use in challenging environmental conditions.

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