Packing tapes

Our offer includes self-adhesive tapes for various applications:

Acrylic tapes – based on acrylic glue, these are the cheapest and most frequently used tapes on the market. Intended for use on smooth surfaces (e.g. cardboard), at positive temperatures and in places not exposed to much moisture.

Hot Melt tapes – synthetic rubber-based tapes are more resistant to moisture and have better adhesive properties. They are widely used for manual and automatic packaging in manufacturing plants and in the packaging sector.

Solvent tapes – the best tapes available on the market for sealing cardboard boxes. They can be used on various surfaces. They are characterized by high adhesive strength and temperature resistance (from -20 to 60 ° C), which allows them to maintain their properties in cold rooms and hot rooms.

Machine tapes

Tape dispensers

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